Ant Hills

  “It’s like knocking over an ant-hill. Every new generation gets stronger, the ant-hill gets redesigned, made better.”  – Morden, Babylon 5

   Short entry tonight.

   I’m one of those guys for whom just as he’s done building something, something else comes along that just knocks over the Lego blocks and starts me over again. Much of the time, however, it leaves the foundation intact, though every now and then, all you’ve got left is a pretty smokin’ crater.

   Still, as much as he was literally the Devil’s Advocate in that quote, Mr. Morden is right: life is tenacious.  It hangs on after disaster, complicates and multiplies itself, and comes back stronger.

   Right now, Japan’s evacuating millions from a typhoon that’s striking Fukushima, the same place that had an earthquake, tsunami, and radioactive contamination all within the same week.  They were in the process of rebuilding, and in all likelihood, will make a comeback with the added strength of better infrastructure, better preparedness, and greater prosperity than what was present before.  News media says that the destruction in Japan was the worst since World War II: everyone knows the miraculous transformation that the Land of the Rising Sun went through after that cataclysm.  If that history is any indicator, what will follow this unhappy year in Japan will equal, if not surpass, that earlier greatness.

   The film “Eat, Pray, Love” has a scene in which Liz talks about the Augusteum, the original resting place of Caesar Augustus’ ashes in Rome, which she visited after divorcing her first husband and breaking up from the rebound relationship that she found herself in.  Here’s the scene below, she says it better than I can:

  A few things hold on that only extend the suffering, though.  The global economy, for instance, has been sick, but the only thing keeping what would be an inevitable collapse and reconstruction is that we need to ensure vulnerable human beings don’t get crushed by such a fall. If left to its own, the system would simply die, and while it would build itself back up stronger, millions would suffer and die before we could do so.

 I started my writing class tonight, and for reasons that I’m still processing, my plan has changed.  Not my goal to become an published, successful author, but more my plan on getting there.  The well-laid plan I had before tonight’s class was swiftly and successfully destroyed by several noteworthy words from my teacher, who is a successful author in her right and who I believe will help to kick my ass where it needs kicking and show me what I need to do.

   This destruction, while initially unpleasant, turned into a buzz that lasted for most of the class and has left me tired and excited at the same time, leaving me no doubt that though I’m changing my strategy and improving my gameplay, this is what I’m meant to do with my life.  No more doubt in my mind.

   More later.


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