What A Soulmate Really Is (To Me) – From My Tumblr

  I started a Tumblr account the other day called “Love You Madly” (named after the song by Cake).  It’s proving to be a nice artsy alternative to my written blogging.  That being said, I wrote a small essay on soulmates on Tumblr just now, and I want to see how easy it would be to share on WordPress, as opposed to the other way around.

My Tumblr account isn’t linked to Facebook, as I’m using it for deeply personal exploration in art and visual media that I don’t really want to get commented on by the people on my friends list all the time.  (Tumblr is kind of my new place to whine, sigh, and otherwise be a little emo: go figure, eh?)

That being said, I don’t mind sharing this entry, and my WordPress is most definitely on Facebook.  I was inspired to write this while killing off a particularly anxious and lonely Monday night at a Starbuck’s near my house.  Suddenly, the words just flowed and, lo and behold, they almost make some sense, clearing up a blockage in my mindset and hopefully yielding some more results as I re-create myself in 2012.

Link’s below.  Enjoy the read, and have a good night!



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