Jody vs the Volcano

This is happening.

I’d had this idea before, but I made the mistake of pre-emptively sharing it with one or two naysayers who shot it down like a Scud missile.  After this weekend’s trudge through Crapulenceville (Population: Me), the words hit me as I finished my last Tumblr entry, carrying a strong feeling that this is meant to happen.  Thus…it’s happening.

Given my predisposition for not being able to keep my mouth shut on important ideas before they grow strong enough to withstand criticism and objections, I’m not sharing any details until I have a solid plan.  In the meantime, I’m asking all my friends to support this 100%.

For now, I can say with certainty that the vision I have in mind for this will have the following key features:

– it will take place before the year is out.

– it unites every major project I’ve had on the go, personal and professional.

– in this latest iteration of the idea, it may not be just me doing this.

– aside from getting the passport and money, this is something I can start doing now.  Aside from those tangibles, I have and am everything I need to have and be to make this happen.  I just have to say “go”.

Aaaaand GO!


5 thoughts on “Jody vs the Volcano

  1. It’s sad sometimes when our friends reject our ideas long before we’re given an opportunity to put the plan in motion — but good on you, Jody! I hope you’re successful on your adventure. I’m certain you will be though.

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