Leap Day 2012

   Wednesday is February 29th.  This is the first leap day in four years (obviously).

   As undocumented millions of adults celebrate single digit birthdays around the world, many more people engaged in personal development are taking the opportunity to “take a leap”, doing something they would never have done before.  Sample activities include:

   – skydiving and other extreme sports
   – asking cute girls at Starbucks for their numbers
   – testing out new restaurants
   – going to the gym for the first time
   – trying yoga (especially if you’re a dude)
   Really, any activity that you pick that stretches your boundaries is fair game on Leap Day. 

   Living in Canada, my main issue with the day is that it’s always taken place when it’s Absolute Zero outside and I’m stuck inside with a not-so-mild case of Cap’n Tripps.  (Which, once again this season, is the case presently).  That’s not to say I can’t really push myself through the free flowing snot and back pain-inducing coughing and hit the hot yoga place like a boss, but I’d much rather not spread infection and die on Leap Day.  (Or, really, any day).

  As such, I’m putting my own spin on the occasion, and turning Leap Day into a Floating Leap Day.  The same way that many companies who force you to work on a stat holiday will give you a lieu day, that’s what I’m doing with February 29th.  It’s totally banked!

  But because I have a tendency to hoard (though not enough to get me on TLC), I know that I just might end up never making use of it.  Many employees of companies who offer lieu days tend to have the same problem.  That’s why I’m setting the same catch that those companies set for their all-too-saavy workers: the lieu day will expire at the end of the year.

  As such, I’ve got to make sure that at least one day in 2012, I take one Great Leap Forward…which sounds oddly Maoist now that I write it out, but you get the idea.  This is happening.  

  I suppose my Tumblr project could qualify, but that’s an ongoing thing, not really something I can do all in one day.  That means I have to do one incredible thing, something that’s well beyond my comfort zone, that represents a personal leap forward in my personal development, and that will be started and finished in the same day.

  I wonder what that will be…


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