My Political Stance

 All right, so a month ago, I was banned from discussing politics by my friend Aaron, seconded by my friend Julius, for the most solid reason imaginable: I’ve become a complete political douche.

  I’m a self-declared Independent, but my problem was that capital “I” I started using when describing my affiliation.  As my friend pointed out, an independent can start dismissing people’s arguments solely based on their partisan affiliation just as easily as a partisan.  That doesn’t make them right or someone to be listened to.  If anything, it just turns them into a giant, spiky thorn in the ass that nobody ever takes seriously.  Nobody likes a serial contrarian.

  So, I was banned.  No more sharing articles on Facebook for political discussion.  No more making statements for or against anyone…..until I decided where I stood on the issues on my own, without being prompted by an opponent….and made them public.

  That was a good month, I’ll admit, a sweet break from over a decade of political involvement. I got to focus exclusively on my own personal development and what-not, but now as several issues – Kony 2012, the Province of Ontario having bad finances, Santorum’s rise to prominence in the GOP race, Iran – start to appear, I’ve been getting the political blue-balls something fierce. On the other hand, I haven’t really look at every single issue or ideology in detail, and can’t be bothered to, what with all the other plates I have to keep spinning in my life at present.

  So, this is my political statement.  I will remain a small “i” independent, and make my decisions on an issue-by-issue basis.  I will ask more questions – honest ones, not just the sneaky Socratic ones – and then decide where I stand as events unfold.  And I will ignore who is presenting the argument to me – liberal, conservative, socialist, whatever – in favour of the argument itself.  Finally, I will refrain from pointless debates on issues I don’t really care about, just to be cheeky: why waste the energy? 

  And my first one – in a shameless attempt to garner more hits – will be Kony 2012.  Stay tuned!

  (Update, on 4/20, oddly enough: nevermind that last part).


One thought on “My Political Stance

  1. The little i in Independent is like the little l in Libertarian, once you go capital first letter anything you become nothing more than a pawn in a political system composed of huge special interests all struggling to get a nose in the government feeding trough. I hope we will someday see a country without any political parties. It is far easier to buy 2-3 political parties than to buy over 500 individual congressmen.

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