The Shaman’s Greatest Trick: Hustle and the Law of Attraction

Our job isn’t to make things happen. Our job is simply to get out of the way.

Do you think that the shaman’s greatest trick is making the rain? No, that’s not it at all. True, the shaman has a remarkable ability to get clear on his intention. Yes, he is able to use all his talents of imagination, ritual, and action to activate his power to manifest that intention.

But he doesn’t make the rain. That’s not his trick.

Instead, once he has mustered as much power to his intention as he is capable, the shaman turns it all over to the universe, and lets it go. He recognizes the universe as his greatest instrument, intensifying his intention well beyond what he’s capable of.

That’s when the rain appears. The shaman’s greatest trick is taking the credit.

If this all sounds mystical, that’s because it is. It gets downright spooky when you start making active use of the Law of Attraction. There is no scientific evidence to prove it. The experience is usually a trick of mindset, but not always, for sometimes things happen that are beyond mere coincidence.  Acknowledging the existence of this non-provable power is a daily practice of all those living extraordinary lives.

Our job is to hustle, not to ourselves generate serendipitous results, but to open up as many opportunities for serendipity to enter our lives as possible. Hustle all looks the same on the outside, but those who pursue extraordinary living know that the universe does all the work.

We hustle only to get out of the way of our own fondest dreams.


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