Fall Check-In

I’ve been getting some increased traffic to this site for the last little while, especially from new readers and new friends (welcome, and thanks for visiting!).

As such, instead of usual commentary on topics near to my heart that maybe not a lot of other people care about, I figured it’s time to do a quick update on what I’m about as of September 24th, 2012, and what I’m up to, in less than 1,200 words.

So, here’s the lowdown on Jody Aberdeen.

Basically, I’m a dude with a lot of big goals.

As you’ve no doubt surmised, I am a writer and blogger, and this site is approaching its second birthday in January 2013.

I live (regrettably) in Brampton, a suburb just north west of Toronto.  If Brampton had been featured in “The Lion King”, it would have played the role of the shadowy place that Mufasa told Simba never to go to.

The nightlife in Brampton consists of everyone getting on the bus to Toronto, driving to Mississauga or Oakville, hanging around the parking lot at the ghetto Tim Horton’s at Dixie and Peter Robertson on the north end of town, or getting your ass capped at any of the shady bars at Melanie Drive and Steeles.

Brampton is what happens when city planners go bad, arable land is cheap, and immigration levels are high.  Brampton is-, well, you get the idea.  I don’t like it here.

That’s why I’ve set a goal to move back out to my old stomping grounds of Hamilton/Burlington no later than May 1st of 2013.  Pretty much 95% of my social life is based in that region, where my oldest and best friends still reside, and that’s where I’d like to be.  Plus, the cities have way much more going on for a single dude in his early thirties (and a lot more single ladies to boot).

I’ve revised and published Convergence, my science fiction romance all about soulmates, alternate universes, and the choices we make that change our own lives and the world around us.  It’s now available on Lulu, and soon the ebook will be on the iBookstore and Barnes and Noble.

And I just finished re-outlining my current manuscript, a metaphysical thriller called Overlife.  I’ve set a goal to be finished the first draft by January.  I’m also working on two other book projects, including Jody vs. the Volcano, which will happen as soon as I’m able to get to Hawaii for a week or two.  Stay tuned.

I also direct a small writer’s guild, Wordslingers, which we’ve kept private until recently, but as two of us are now launching books and building a web presence to support those efforts, I feel safe mentioning us publicly.  (Yeah, I just made us sound like Fight Club, I know).  We meet weekly, and though we’re not currently looking for new members, I’m always keeping an eye out for other writers at our level of development (and beyond).

Somewhat less exciting, I am freelancing, and provide a number of services if you need web copy, documents edited, or articles and stories ghost-written, so feel free to contact me anytime for that.

Besides writing, I’m an actor for film and TV, having just earned my first ACTRA union credit in July with a commercial for Era Detergent.  I’m repped by Film/Comm Talent (also located in Burlington) and they’ve been very good to me, working with my schedule and setting me up with only the best auditions in town.

This past Saturday, I attended the ACTRA Fall Conference in Toronto, where I had the chance to make some new friends and join YEAA – the Young Emerging Actors Assembly. Acting sort of happened to me, one of those talents that I didn’t really think I had, and didn’t really take seriously until someone on the outside saw what I couldn’t.  My education in this new area of my life is ongoing, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other opportunities it brings me.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

I’m approaching three years out of my split with my ex-wife, and I’ve taken the time to figure out my part in that whole mess, salvage what was good about our time together, and start building the life and income that I really want that’s now possible because, well, I am independent.  That’s not to say I’m not on the lookout for interesting girls to date – oh believe me… – but I’ve adopted more of a “let it happen” attitude.

Until then, I’m on a mission.   I’ve dropped down to 210 pounds from my “married” high of 240, and I’m aiming to reach 200 by the time I move back out.  After a year of living on my own, I’d moved in with my parents – hence, why I’m in Brampton for now – and though it’s been nice to not worry about things like rent and groceries and what-not, I’m itching to go and make my own fortune.  When I’m not working freelance writing gigs, acting, or selling my book, I work in Milton part-time at a big box bookstore with a big, sorta-purple logo.

And, though I’m over most of the divorce, I’m now exploring that part of the whole thing that stays with you no matter what, the same way you never quite “get over” a death of a loved one or some other major life change.

For much of 2012, I put significant emotional and intellectual distance between me and that experience, building up my confidence and (re)gaining some dating swagger.  This is difficult, because I’m still not comfortable bringing this up in person, and though people say the stigma is all in my head, that’s not entirely true for a lot of women who kinda see a divorcee as someone who’s less pure. This touches on the irrational but omnipresent fear that I’ll never find my actual soulmate.

Divorce remains the single biggest shock my life system has sustained to date, good or bad, so until something else comes along – hopefully skewing towards “good” – this is something I’ll just have to get used to talking about for a little while longer.

Part of this “leaning into the discomfort” involved going stag at Canada’s Largest Divorce Party this past Friday at the Capitol Event Theatre in Toronto.  It was a very enlightening experience, one that I’ll be writing a short article about that I hope to pitch to a major paper.  Stay tuned for that.

I think that’s it for now.  For the next few weeks, I’m looking at attending Nuit Blanche, blogging for a New Zealand-based site for science fiction writers, and promoting Convergence both online and at in -person appearances in the Greater Toronto Area. And a few surprises, I’m sure.

So, that’s me, effective September 24th, 2012, at 10:45am EDT.  And I’m under word count, with about forty more to spare.


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