My Ten Year Vision (#i2U Ultimate Blogging Challenge Entry #3)


Lots of things can happen in a decade.

JFK committed an entire country to landing on the moon within ten years. Facebook and other social media transformed the entire world in ten years. Ten year increments of time remain one of the most commonly-used benchmarks used to measure goals and achievements.

As of this writing (August 2017), I am 36 years old, and 3 years into my ghostwriting practice. I have ghostwritten six manuscripts, of which at least one – and I can’t tell you which, because, well, ghostwriter – is currently making some waves in the women’s personal development field in Greater Toronto and abroad. Further, I’ve also penned two of my own books, one in the self-help genre that’s no longer in print, and the other, “Convergence“, a sci-fi romance that is currently available for purchase and which I’m promoting at a fairly low level.

Where do I want to be in ten years?

Ghostwriting has nowhere to go but up, because the numbers of important human stories that need telling will geometrically outstrip the capacity and availability of storytellers to tell them: a problem of true Malthusian proportions. And now that marketers have picked up on storytelling  as a way to promote and sell stuff, the importance of (and demand for) humanity and authenticity in marketing, and capable people to craft those stories, will also grow.

So it seems I’ve got some very lucrative and rewarding times ahead. But to what end?

To answer this, let’s re-collapse together my creative writing (my personal projects) with my ghostwriting (my professional services) into a single term: my writing.

With my writing, I would like to accomplish the following over the next decade:

  • have a well-told, high-quality bestselling book. Note, I don’t mean an Amazon bestseller (this type of gimmickry I will address in another entry), I mean a book that has actually sold millions of copies and earned real money.
  • have one of my books adapted for film and TV
  • have my work make a positive, long-lasting, and widespread difference, contributing to a free, compassionate, equal, green, and progressive world.

That’s it on the professional side. Personally, in ten years, I’d like to have achieved the following, regardless of what happens with my writing:

  • attracted enough money, in a highly-ethical manner, to become debt-free and have so much money in my accounts and investments that, if I decided to not work again on anything, I could live out the rest of my life in comfort.
  • traveled to various parts of Ireland, the U.K, Paris, Rome, Japan, Australia, and Vietnam (these are likely the most easily achievable of the big goals).
  • met, courted, married, and started a family with a powerful, creative, hilarious, and overall remarkable woman whose own ambitions and viewpoints naturally find compatibility with my own (and who could conceivably kill me with her pinky if she wanted to because I find that strangely alluring).
  • started raising some damn good kids and being a damn good husband/father.
  • opened a ranch for rescue animals, where we hire and train homeless individuals to work and possibly live there (where they would also receive career training and development), grow our own crops, and have events and educational seminars for individuals and families.
  • set up a fund to help low income families afford veterinary costs for their pets.
  • bought up arable farmland to protect them from development and suburban sprawl.
  • had an on-screen acting part in a “Star Trek” or “Marvel” production (though this one’s pure whimsy at this point).
  • have done most of these while both of my parents are still alive to know that their unconventional son, who hasn’t had the easiest time in grown-up life, managed to make it, and make it big.

…yeah, I guess that’s it.

If I seem somewhat willy-nilly about my vision, you should understand one thing about where I am as of this writing: I believe in the strong possibility that there is, indeed, a destiny for every one of us, and that this destiny may not initially be what we think it is.

Nietszche said that “a man without a plan is not a man” (sub in whatever gender pronoun works for you), and there are some merits to this way of thinking. However, whatever you believe, ultimately life may have other plans, and those plans may be far grander than what you have in mind for yourself.


Surrendering to the notion that the Universe dreams much bigger than I can is also part of my philosophy, and as scary as it may seem, as much as I have these ambitions, I’m willing to see where the current takes me.

In any case, as a writer, my commitment remains the same: telling remarkable stories, to the best of my abilities, as only I can, involving extraordinary individuals, in positive contribution to the world.

So…what kind of books do I write, and why? What kinds of people seek me out to ghostwrite for them, and what matters to them? What am I up to right now, and likely to be up to in the future? What are some aspects of my ghostwriting business that you may want to know, but don’t know about?

I’ll fill you in on these and more in Entry #4 of the #i2U Ultimate Blogging Challenge coming soon!



2 thoughts on “My Ten Year Vision (#i2U Ultimate Blogging Challenge Entry #3)

  1. Hey Jody,

    Your vision for your family and philanthropic endeavours are so lovely! I’m rooting for you.

    I am so looking forward to your thoughts on Amazon bestseller gimmickry. I’ve seen a few “Amazon bestsellers” around the block and some of them trigger my Miss Clevelle (“something is not right”) response.


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