It’s January 24th as I write this. I can’t quite believe it.

The mornings are brighter earlier. I finally noticed it today as I woke up at 7 o’clock and realized I could take Bella out on the trail for her morning walk and be able to see where I’m going. This isn’t just for convenience or comfort: there are coywolves about, and though they have been harmless (as far as my experiences with them can tell) and beautiful to see, cutting across the escarpment in the dim light, Bella doesn’t much care for them, and I don’t want any trouble.

For the last 66 days as of this writing, when not out networking, serving my clients, or spending time with family and friends, I have been doing inner work, Jungian shadow integration, to be precise. It’s a practice whereby you choose to look at those aspects of yourself and your life that you ordinarily ignore, suppress, or reject out of fear or discomfort.

Neglect has been a common theme in this inquiry: my physical health, what I truly need from the close relationships in my life, and how I’ve been conducting my career.

This website, sure enough, is a symptom of that neglect.

The deal with shadow integration is that once you’ve identified those parts of yourself that you’ve put out of sight and out of mind, you can heal them, integrate them into your life, and then be a much more whole being.

That’s the thing about my relationship with writing: I don’t much like separating the personal from the professional. If, as the marketers say, the way to stand out is to be the most “you” that you can be, then it’s not only easier from a gumption or mental health standpoint for me to just level with you, but it’s ridiculously on brand.

Anyway, I’ve added (or will soon add) the following to my site:

  • A page for my podcast, Ghostwriter and Pup
  • A page for the works I’ve published in my own name, along with links for you to buy them
  • Links to my other sites on Medium, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • An updated biography
  • A more detailed and focused service listing

This time of year is traditionally when you go into those rooms of your home that you’ve avoided for a long time and clean everything up. For the rest of this last week of January, this is what I’ll be doing.

See you in February. It’ll be around much sooner than you think.

  • Jody

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