Convergence: A Novel

ConvergenceMaxim Sinclair’s got a dream girl. On paper, anyway.

Every quality he imagines in his perfect soul mate resides on the pages of this list. She even has a name: Lucy Fitzgerald. Still looking for a new purpose for himself after divorcing his college sweetheart, Max goes to bed one night, only to be woken up by a phone call.

On the other end of the line is Lucy Fitzgerald.

She’s real.

She has a list with Max’s name on it.

And she wants him to meet her in California.

Max is able to reach her thanks to the Convergence, a one-time event that allows a few special people to move into their alternate lives and become the greatest versions of themselves.

To do so, Max must meet with three of his alternate selves and connect them with the versions of Lucy Fitzgerald that live in their worlds. Little does he know that the woman of his dreams is herself his greatest obstacle.

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