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Justin Ramlogan has given up on ever having “the good life”. Estranged from his family and left behind by his friends, Justin does his best to eke out a life for himself in the city. Until one morning when he wakes up with a mysterious address in his thoughts: an ordinary red brick house in a small village named Desjardins that offers him one last shot at happiness.

Justin soon discovers that he’s not the only one being drawn to this little town. Amid strange nightly dreams and frightening developments on the other side of the world, Justin and the others all find themselves searching for one last shot of joy and fulfillment, but time is running out.

A mind-bending novella written in the spirit of Philip K Dick, “Red Brick” is a story about the desire for belonging and the possibilities for fulfillment in a frightening world.

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Flora Danton made a fateful mistake. On the day her grandmother Daisy died, Flora had forgotten to make a promise that would have kept her gran’s spirit with her forever.

Now, Flora must wander the Gone Lost, an eerie wood on the outskirts of her village, to find her grandmother’s lost soul and bring her back home. That is, if her Daisy wishes to come back at all.

Set in a time and place not all that far off from ours, GONE LOST is a long story and a short book about grief, loss, love, and remembrance.

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Maxim Sinclair’s got a dream girl. On paper, anyway. Every quality he imagines in his perfect soul mate resides on the pages of this list. She even has a name: Lucy Fitzgerald. One night, Max is awoken by a phone call. On the other end of the line is Lucy Fitzgerald. She’s real. She has a list with Max’s name on it. And she wants him to travel to California to meet her. Yet Lucy has a secret goal: to defy the machinations of the Convergence, a universal phenomenon that has trapped her in an alternate reality. She wants to meet Max, but not for the same reasons…

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Note: Jody’s first book, “QLO: The Quarter Life Opportunity”, is no longer on sale.

Please email Jody directly to obtain a free e-copy.

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