My Services

Standard Rates

Blog (500 words, any topic): $50 USD per entry.

– recording and transcription, one round of revision and editing.
– $0.25/word for all entries over 500 words.
– Additional rounds of revision and editing available for $15 per round.

Book (up to 300 pages, US Trade format): Negotiable Rate (usually $20,000 USD per manuscript)

– book outline creation
– incorporation of existing materials
– voice recording of new material and transcription
– writing and development
– two rounds of revision
– proofreading and editing
– formatting for self-publication or submission to agents/publishers
– query letter for agents/publishers

Copywriting: $25 USD per hour

For web sites, sales pages, marketing materials, and other short projects.

Special Packages

Blog-to-Book Ghostwriting – $1,000 USD*

*includes story outline development and the first 4 entries; $50 for each subsequent entry, until completion.

Many bestselling books begin as blogs. This service is for those with an eye towards eventually telling their story in book form, but who want to start small and work from there.

If you’ve already have a story in mind that you want to tell about an experience in your life or someone else’s, your business, or even a work of fiction, we’ll get you set up powerfully to bring it to the world in little doses, at your own pace.

We’ll develop your story outline, helping to create an arc that covers the topics, events, and anecdotes that matter most to you, and then map out which topics each blog entry will cover on a schedule. Then, we write them, as frequently or infrequently as you’d like, until your story is finished.

Upon completion of the blog entries, if you decide to use your blogs as the basis of a book, you’ll get a discounted book ghostwriting contract customized to your needs.

Send me a message if you have any questions on how to get started!

Blogging Bundles (starting at $175 USD)

For any topic or purpose, if you have multiple blog ideas in mind, but no time, skill, or patience to do the writing yourself, I offer blogging bundles to help take the work off your hands while providing you and your audience with great value.

Whether it’s unique entries or a series of blogs on a single theme, we’ll start by having you voice record your entry, which I will then transcribe, re-write, and then give back to you for one round of review and revision. I will then take your desired changes and write a final draft that’s search-engine-optimized and immediately ready to be published to your blog page or website.

Each blog is 500 words or less. Additional words above this limit are $0.25/word.

Four Entry Bundle: $175 (saves you $25)
Eight Entry Bundle: $350 (saves you $50)
Twelve Entry Bundle: $500 (saves you $100)

If you need more than twelve entries, or if you’re looking for an open-ended blogging service, send me a message and we can create something that works for you!

Author Coaching: $40 USD per hour (FREE Initial Consultation)

First-time author with no idea what to do next? With two books under my belt in both fiction and non-fiction categories, as well as six ghostwritten manuscripts, I can help you navigate the unseen challenges that every writer goes through, as well as offering insights into technique, planning, and effective habits to sustain you from the first word to the last page.

(All pricing is in U.S. dollars and based, in part, on current rates listed in the 2017 Writer’s Market Guide).