cropped-19441742_10102194617666127_3195741492551531415_oHey all,

Welcome to my website!

The original version of this was written in third-person to make it sound fancy and professional, but the truth is, I wrote it myself, so…here’s something more legit.

I’m a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and author of the sci-fi romance novel “Convergence“.

I hold a Combined Honours Bachelors of Arts in History and English with a Minor in Political Science from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I currently reside in Waterdown, Ontario, just 20 short minutes north of Hamilton itself, and I plan on staying here for the foreseeable future.

My interests include fiction, mostly unconventional sci-fi/fantasy (think less about giant spaceships and elves; think more about TV shows and movies like LOST, Inception, or The OA), as well as spirituality, philosophy, and personal development.

That’s enough about who I am. What about what I can do for you? Well…

To get a taste of my writing style, click on my Blog Posts and Short Essays page.

To learn more about my copywriting and ghostwriting services, click on my Copywriting and Ghostwriting page.

To learn more about and purchase a copy of “Convergence”, click on “Convergence: A Novel”.  

And, to find out more about my in-person ESL tutoring service for residents of the Hamilton area, click on my ESL Tutoring and Coaching page.

You can reach me by following me on Twitter ,through Facebook, and definitely on Instagram.

To inquire about any of my products or services, please email me directly at

Until then, have a look around, stay as long as you’d like, and have fun!



(Waterdown, Ontario, Canada) (Updated Monday, July 3, 2017)