FULL-LENGTH NON-FICTION GHOSTWRITING: ($25,000): Looking to finally write that book and eager to take it to market? I provide ghostwriting services in the following genres:

  • Memoir/Biography
  • Business (How-to books, business stories, expert books, etc..)
  • Self-Help/Spiritual
  • Creative Non-Fiction

LEAD-MAGNET BOOKS: ($5,000): Short, super-focused e-books that solve one major problem for your desired clients. Use this as a subscriber opt-in for your email list so you can build a focused pool of qualified, devoted prospects.

KEEPSAKE BOOKS ($2,500): These are smaller, private books that you don’t intend to sell or use to promote a business. Each of these includes two printed copies that you can give as gifts or hold onto as keepsakes.

  • Legacy Books: A short biography that captures the life of one special person who you want to honor. This is a wonderful retirement gift!
  • Pet Memoirs: Lost a pet recently and want to commemorate their time with you? Let me forever capture the story of their time with you so they will live on in words.
  • Manifestation Scripting Books: A book that details your life the way you want it to be. Write the story of your ideal self and read it every day until it becomes reality.


CONSULTATION BY THE HOUR ($100/hour): Need some professional advice? Want someone to review what you’ve written to see if it’s market-ready? Is there a problem with your writing that you just can’t identify? Let’s hop on a Zoom call so I can share my over ten years’ worth of professional experience with you!

COPYWRITING ($100/hour): Whether it’s a blog for your business, an article for your publication, or copy for your business website, I capture your authentic voice in words and speak directly to your audiences. Simply tell me your message, your brand identity, and your desired outcome(s): I’ll take it from there!

BOOK CO-AUTHORSHIP (Custom Price): Let’s write a book together! Using my proven approach to ghostwriting, we will co-create your outline, record an interview where you can “talk out your book”, and then I’ll do the rest, taking a single up front fee and a small profit share afterwards. When we’re finished, you’ have a market-ready book that sounds like you that you can then use to create multiple new income streams, launch a speaking career, and much more!

(All prices based, in part, on current rates listed in the 2019 Writer’s Market Guide).