Writing Services

Single Business Blog Ghostwriting ($125 per hour)

  • 15-minute phone or Zoom interview: you talk out your content, I adapt it into a blog tailored to your target market of up to 1,000 words.
  • Two drafts with one round of revision.

Monthly Blogging Retainer (starting at $1,000 per month)

  • If you want to keep your blog active and continually reaching (and converting) your target market, this is the service for you.
  • Ideal for businesses and firms with a marketing budget.
  • 3 blogs per week, up to 1,000 words each.
  • One 30- minute recorded call per week (phone or Zoom) and adaptation
  • Two drafts with one round of revision for each blog.

For questions and inquiries, send an email to jody@jodyaberdeen.com.