Creative conversations that matter. That’s the gist of it, really.

This is a podcast for writers, wannabe writers, and people who love big ideas & authentic stories. Hosted by author and ghostwriter Jody Aberdeen and his pup Bella (who’s always nearby, usually asleep on the couch in Jody’s office).

New episodes weekly or as often as Jody can crank them out, depending on what moves him.

All of our conversations are uncut and a little spotty. We explore our tangents more often than not. What you hear is a genuine, unpretentious, and only minimally-structured conversation between two people on their own journeys, whose paths have intersected for an hour or so.

Imagine being in a coffee shop or a restaurant and overhearing a remarkable conversation that takes you out of your humdrum and makes you contemplate bigger things. That’s the effect we’re going for at The Ghostwriter and Pup.

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If you are an author, storyteller, artist, coach, creative entrepreneur, or just someone who’s got a truly original, genuine set of ideas to share in a 30-45 minute conversation, email me so we can have you on as our guest!