Copywriting, Ghostwriting, and Editing



My base rate for all freelance services is $100 per hour. However, I prefer to create custom packages for my clients wherever possible, since it’s very rare that you’ll need only one set of services.

My repertoire includes:

Copy Writing:  Whether it’s industrial products or a webinar, business promotion or personal blog, I capture your authentic voice and translate it into pixel and ink in a way that generates positive results for your brand and business.

Book Content Creation/Ghostwriting: If you’ve always wanted to write a book, but you don’t have the time, skill set, or interest to write it yourself, I can take the work off your hands. Using a standard, straightforward recording and transcription process, you create the content in your own words, and I’ll turn your words into a book that’s ready to sell.

Proofreading: Sometimes, an objective set of eyes looking over your work, line by line, makes the difference between copy that pops and an embarrassing typo that hurts your business or brand. I’ll review your documents for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and structural errors and correct them. Hourly rates apply to non-book proofreading.

Book Editing Packages: No writer should edit their own work, and no writer looks forward to editing in general. However, next to actually writing the manuscript, editing is the most important part of the book-writing process. Whether you’re writing from scratch, looking to spruce up some of your existing documents into a book, or in need of simple, merciless proofreading, I offer custom packages to meet your needs.

Author Coaching: First-time author with no idea what to do next? With two books under my belt in both fiction and non-fiction categories, I can help you navigate the unseen challenges that every writer goes through, as well as offering insights into technique, planning, and effective habits to sustain you from the first word to the last page.